Thursday, March 11, 2010

A. In your own words define realistic art.

Realistic art is art that is based on real life. there is no out of this world stuff in it. Just everyday life stuff.

B. How does plato define good art?
Plato looked at art as being an idea and powerful shapers of character that should be strictly controlled so protect ideal citizens for an idea socitey.

C.what would plato say about koon's artwork?
Plato probably would really like it. Koon's work is kinda out there. its alittle beyond realitiy which plato would have found wrong. In his mind art should be based only on life and not taken beyond that.

D. In your on words, how would arisolte define good art.
Arisolte was alittle bit more freindly when it came to art. He thought that though art should be controled it should also leave room to grow or build.

E. In your personal phliosophy is "obsecene art a contracdiction of term? why or why not? im not really sure actully. i think it probably depends on its content and how it is displayed really that would contracdict itself.

F. Are vivid sexual images obsecene that vivid images volince, poverty, display of extreme wealth and sickness. I think that sexual images along with volinces, poverty, display of extreme weath and sickness arent all bad if they are used to express an issue or idea. There are some images that are meant to be very rude and shouldnt be displayed.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Starting New

Im now in drawin 2. I will be continuing to post my drawin 2 blogs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog 9

Immediate Response – I choose this one cause i think it looks good and shows a good view. I took it when i was at the park the other day when the leaves hadnt grown yet.
Objective Description – There is a red-brown bridge in the middle and trees behind it and a creek below.
Formal Matters – I think the bridge could have been in a different spot, cause it being in the middle like that it kind of cuts the picture in half. But other than the the color is alright. you can tell its on a cold day. You can see plenty of lines.
The Story It Tells – Does this picture tell a story. Sure, it could. Maybe of a lone person waiting by a brigde looking for someone. one noun: beauty
The Work in the World - I think that the two can connet. you can see by the use of color the feel of the pictures. You can feel the place and time that he is trying to express in his pictures, as you can feel that it is cold but a sunny day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog 8

1. Immediate Response – I wanted to use this picture because not only does it show contrast in color but also in like and dark. Plus i love bear. he is a really fun dog and kinda weird, but thats what i like about him.
2. Objective Description – A large grey and white dog is sitting on the hood of a old model car. He is look off in to the distance at something. The grass is green so its probaly about summer almost fall.
3. Discuss formal– there is alot going in the the photo some there isnt really much negtive space. Color is good and it is well contrasted. you can see the photo clearly and you can tell what is going with haveing to say anything about.
4. The Story It Tells – Silly would be the simple noun i would use for this picture. And does it tell a story, it could. What a silly dog sitting on the car. Why is he on it. whats he looking out.
5. The Work in the World - I think it connects in a way with color and that both are based on an object. He uses contrast in this works, as you can see there is good contrast in this picture.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog 7 Ground Figure

1.Immediate Response – I notice the dark horse rolling on the ground. than i see the light colored one. I notice too, what is the horse doing? i found it fasnating to see a horse rolling on the ground. usually you would only see them standing.
2. Objective Description – Is a nice sunny with some clouds. It looks like it could be cold though. There are two horses in a coral pen. One is a light colored horse that looks young, the other is a darker color rolling in the dirt as the other stares down at it.
3.Formal Matters – Everything looks good. the color is shown well. The objects are well centered. The picture isnt blurry either and you can see it very well.
4.The Story It Tells – This picture could tell a story of two horses on a cool mid day. The black on rolls in the dirt after a hard days work with riding in the pastures. The warm dirt sticks to the fur. The light colored one watches curiously. They could be exchanging words in there own way. telling each other of their day.

5.The Work in the World - I can see how this pictures can connect. I dont know if i could but it in good words but i can try. They both have good figure to ground compistion. the figure balances with the ground. It comes all together to make a good picture.

Blog 6 Texture

1. Immediate Response – My first response is to this picture is 'i wander what the cat is looking at' and 'what excatly is the yellow thing'
2. Objective Description – In the photo is a grey cat laying on a wood floor looking up at the person taking the picture. Also in th picture is a yellow stick with a string tied to it. To the side is a blue blanket.
3. Formal Matters – Everything looks good. But the yellow stick kind of messes the picture up alittle. Its a alittle blurry and just a bit too close. But other than that the rest of it looks good. Youn can see the texture in the floor and the cat. You can see how nice the cat looks. You can also see some texture in the blanket too.
4. The Story It Tells – The photo could tell a story. A young grey cat laying on the floor wandering if it should get up and play with the toy. Or should it continue to lay on the nice wood floor and stare at the person holding the stick. What a silly human the cat probably thinks.
5. The Work in the World - I dont know, at the moment i dont see a connection to the artist. I dont really see texture in his artwork. If you count smoothe as a texture than sure. But other than that i dont see it right now.

Blog 5 Perspscetive

1. Immediate Response – I first think what a long hallway it looks like. And how small the a door can look.
2. Objective Description – All hallway that seems long. There on doors on the left and right along with beautiful artworks. There also sits a yellow janiter cart siting close to the picture taker on the right side of the picture.
3. Formal Matters – Every looks good the color seems alittle dull but you can tell what the color is subpost to be. You can see line very well. In the doors on the ceiling and floor. You can also see the implied lines of the corners. The picture is well balanced. The cart balances our the doors.
4. The Story It Tells – Im not sure if i can think of a story for this picture. Not at the moment any way. I could guess it could tell a story of Hard working artist lining the walls of a college hallway with beautiful artworks.
5. The Work in the World - The artist as really good view of perspective and he uses it really well. Both mine and his show it.